Steps for doing competitor Analysis:

1)Visit the search engine where you want to rank your website and enter your chosen query.

2)Note down the first three results that the search engine returns

3)Visit each of these websites one by one and analyse the factors given below:-

a) The URL of the website with respect to the presence of keywords in it.

b) The age of the domain

c)The title and meta tags of the web pages

d) the use of the heading and bold tags.

e) The relevancy of the content

f) the Authority of the domain

g) the page rank of the web page

h) the number of times the keyword is present on the webpage with respect to the content i.e. the content to keyword ratio.

i) The presence of the website on dmoz or yahoo directory

j) The number of backlinks to the website or to the webpage

k) The number of authority links pointing to the website or to the webpage

l)the site’s local presence and citations

m)The use of anchor text on the backlink

n) The inner links of the site and the number of OBL’s (Out Bound Links).

o) Use of Breadcrumb.

p) Use of Contextual links and footer links

q) The number of indexed pages of the website on search engines.

r) the social media presence of the website

s) The Alexa rank of the website.

t) The loading time of the website.

Tools for Competitor Analysis:-

1)Website Grader

2)Backlink Watch


4)Similar web




8)Backlink Analyze:



11)Majestic SEO

12_Rank Signals

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